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Allegory 2017

sculpture installation

cement – clay

#human, #time, #decay, #notion


The Swan "2016"

Deform Series "2018"

Vision "2014"

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Stavros Chatziioannidis is a contemporary sculptor based in Greece, his field of interest lies in humane and natural forms. Graduated with MA in sculpture at 2017 from Fine Arts department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under professor Tsaras George and is active domestically and internationally.

His Work is about the self perception , of Purpose, of Time, of Decay & of the notion of the Utopic.
A modern persons place inside a rapidly evolving world , and the violent change an individual is undergoing presented via an expressionistic manner.


Little is in our day-to-day lives that changes truly, thus we tend to take a more linear approach to things. The sun rises, the sun sets. Twenty-four hours. Week after week, everything is but a line of parameters with a start and an end and with just a few standpoints in between. Meanwhile, the world shifts at an fathomable rate and we are unable to do anything but observe the tide that passes over us.
With the effects of technological advancement being stronger than ever we tend to become more passive, homogeneous. All while society demands of us to be successful in multiple levels, and, social media, simultaneously, allows us to shape how our identity appears at a whim.

We often tend to loose our sense of purpose and become more and more self destructive, slowly depression takes its toll over us. Our wars have become Spiritual while the enemy lies within.
How is our uniqueness affected? Where is our true self in all this? What is left of our inner child? Inner divinity against inner demons ? The extremes now always seem to meet, while we look for the one we often stumble upon the other. My prime purpose as an artist is to raise questions like the above.  Through a distortion of form my aim is to create a visual juxtaposition between the image and the soul,  materialise the underlying extremes, the reason, the urge , the desire, the oppression, and bind them to a deformity through a peculiar rhythm.


• BA – School of Visual and applied Arts – Fine Arts – Sculpture Aristotle University Thessaloniki
• MA – School of Electrical and Computer Engineering – Advanced computer systems – Visual and Audio technologies for edjucation and production. Aristotle University Thessaloniki



• Solo exhibition, Chatziioannidis Stavros, Gallery Remezzo, Thessaloniki


• GLO’ART Global Art Center, GLO’ART, Lanaken, Belgium

• GLO’ART Global Art Center, GLO’ART, Lanaken, Belgium


2017 • Internship awards 2017, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



• Group exhibition, 99 Boxes, Bensousan Han, Thessaloniki

• 18th Biennale of students, Contemporary art center, Thessaloniki • Graduates 2014-2017, MMCA, Thessaloniki

• 7Ply project ,Thessaloniki,Greece • Ram the spot,Street-art festival,Drama Greece • The most right swiped men, Bensousan han, Thessaloniki • Horizon-Vanishing Point 2016

2015 • ISM/OLOGY Art Magazine Featured Artist 2015 Autumn Issue. • Unesco Festival of Zakynthos, Zakynthos, Greece. • Street Art Festival 2015, Δ HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece. 2014 • The Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation ,”Ιχνεύοντας, φοιτητές τιμούν την Βάσω Κατράκη” , Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece.


Chatziioannidis Stavros

contemporary art - sculpture

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